Harvist Road Glazed Envelope, Queen’s Park

Client: Private
Construction Costs: £250,000 + VAT
Status: Complete
Location: Queen’s Park, London
GIFA: 105sqm

Press: featured on Dezeen and Archello, see articles here: Dezeen Article and Archello Article

This emblematic extension integrates contemporary design with the original charm of a Victorian Terrace. Using glass as a driver for the design, the side return and enveloped rooflight bring light deep inside the house while establishing a relationship with the timber garden office.

harvist 1

The client wanted a home that embodied all their best characteristics: classy yet chick, practical yet graceful, outgoing yet personal. The conversion from the old terrace flat was an attempt to include all of these elements while creating a high-quality living space that was equally well suited for couple life as for entertaining.

harvist sketch 1

harvist sketch 2

harvist sketch 3

harvist 2

harvist 3

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harvist plan 1

harvist plan 2

harvist plan 3