Plants Out Of Place Exhibition

Client: Studio Aikieu + Coloni
Value: £0.00
Area: 50 sqm
Status: Competition Runner-up
Location: Queen’s Park, London

Competition to host the Plants Out of Place exhibition in park local to the studio, at the heart of the Queen’s Park Design District in London. The brief was for seven exhibits to be housed within a single open-plan volume.

Our proposal was a response to sourcing the material and labour at no cost to the client for the exhibition space. Scaffolding poles, trusses and planks were employed to create a unique space of intrigue with animation of the interior through the translucent panelling.

The layout of the interior allowed for maximum exhibit space on the perimeter walls and a central stem which enclosed an area for an artist to demonstrate the wonders of perfume created out of common weeds. At night the slatted timber panelling allowing some light to permeate with glowing entrance areas at the enclaves of translucent panels.




Night Time Shot