Stadium Brewery

Client: [KVE] Coliving
Value: £2,400,000
Status: RIBA Work Stage 3
Location: Wembley, London

This project takes an ‘inside the box’ approach to new and flexible office spaces by re-imagining the opportunities of local land and reused shipping containers.

The complex entails a series of office spaces with varying capacities, as well as outdoor amenities and a communal space for resting, dining, and interacting with co-workers.

Beyond the programme for the office spaces, the main goals of the project are to re-activate the natural ecosystem of the river and to incentivise fortuitous encounters between the residents, aiming to create a sense of community that transcends each individual office space.

Seamless, efficient coworking has become an important part of the legacy left by the Covid-19 pandemic. Utilising shipping containers for this purpose is a novel way of meeting sustainability goals, as well as improving construction timelines.

Stadium Brewery 1

Stadium Brewery 2

Stadium Brewery 3